Missing Autumn

I feel like I’m missing autumn.

First of all, the trees. Here in wonderful Northeast Ohio, the trees are green… Until you blink, which is when they turn that yucky yellow-brown half dead sludgy color. Where are my reds and oranges and lemon drop yellows?!? I haven’t taken a single fall picture yet, when usually, by this time in October, I’ve taken roughly a thousand.

Second, the weather. Autumn is my favorite season, not only for the beautiful colors, but also for the weather. As an equestrian, I love being able to work a horse without either of us dripping in sweat or dripping icicles from our noses. I like the feeling of going for a gallop without worrying about my horse suffering from heatstroke or freezing her lungs. Autumn is the perfect season, where there are no warnings- don’t ride if it’s hotter than this or colder than that doesn’t apply in autumn.

Except this year. This year, it’s freezing one day and hotter than hell the next. My horses started growing their winter coats early this year, because it was so cold, and now they’re spending the day sweating. Especially Destiny the draft cross, with her shaggy draft coat. She’s the only one I never have to worry about blanketing in the winter, since she turns into a bona fide wooly mammoth, but until it gets cooler, I can’t ride her faster than a walk.

And the rain! I blame the rain for the yucky trees. It’s like spring, all over again! My pasture is muddy, the arena is soggy, and all trail riding is on standby until I don’t have to fear losing one of my horses in what I swear is quicksand, neck deep muck. Slippery muck.

So, with half the trees dead and my favorite season canceled, this is clearly not my year. This is also not my week. The Boyfriend’s dog injured herself and I used a self-tightening equine bandage to wrap her leg… Only to wake up a few hours later to a border collie with three normal sized feet and one balloon. After a distressed-but-trying-to-hide-it-so-Boyfriend-doesn’t-have-a-heart-attack call to my horse vet at four am, I was able to tell Boyfriend that I did not actually maim his dog, and she would be fine a few hours after I loosened the bandage. Apparently, a dog’s leg isn’t the same as a horse’s leg… Whoops.

But the dog still has all four feet and it never even slowed her down, so there was no harm done, except maybe to Boyfriend’s nerves…

I’m really looking forward to next year.


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