Perfect- A Failure

After my rant about the house a few days ago, it might be surprising to hear that we’re talking to the bank about it on Thursday, but it’s true- we are. As for all of my grievances against the place, The Boyfriend won me over (sort of) by listing all the good things about it (which I have a tendency of overlooking, in my search for perfectionism). He also wants me to credit him for my argument against the militia zombie apocalypse village down the street- apparently I keep using the word “militia” when he’s the one who used it first.

Anyway, the good things:

1.) The house. The house is eighteen hundred square feet of glorious perfection (except for two room that are painted in neon colors, but we are close friends with a professional painter). That’s eighteen hundred feet in which we can house the two of us, plus our four dogs, six cats, two rabbits, and the various animals we both bring home found wandering the street or injured.

2.) All appliances remain, including the brand new washer and dryer. (Also, there’s a mini laundry room, which is good for us since we’re both untidy to the extreme. Does anyone else have The Chair?)


3.) The dog fence. It’s not huge, but with part of the yard fenced in with chain link high enough to keep the previous owner’s Great Dane in, it should restrain Angel- The Boyfriend’s psycho Border Collie who has an intense dislike for my horses. And most people. (You can’t blame her though- she was born on 12-12-12, the day of the apocalypse, and Genius named her Angel. Poor thing didn’t have a chance of being a good dog.)

4.) The garage. This is mostly for The Boyfriend, who was pretty bummed about the fact that at any place we found, I was planning on converting the garage into a barn. This garage is a two and a half car monstrosity with tons of shelving and cupboards and cabinets- he can barely contain his glee.

5.) The barn. Four stalls, two of which we will be using for storage and two of which we will be knocking out, because I whole heartedly believe in keeping horses naturally (which a lot of people think I’m nuts for, considering I have four show horses, but hello, the horse wasn’t designed to stand in a tight space for twenty three hours a day with food only twice. Constant movement keeps them healthier both physically and mentally, and constant food keeps them from getting ulcers and seeing as they are herd animals, they’re so much happier when they can maintain a more natural lifestyle) so they’ll have a huge run-in shed to get out of the weather.

6.) The tack room. This gets a point all of its own because it’s the cutest tack room I’ve ever seen in my life. It’s made with mismatched planks of stained wood and it looks really rustic and I’m in love with it.

7.) The fencing. Even though all the high tensile wire is going before my kids even think of stepping foot onto the property, the fence posts are all solid and rot free. And there are a lot of them, which is good, since I’ve always wanted to make a paddock paradise which consists of fencing off the center of the pasture and making a track around the outside. Like this:


Basically, it keeps the horses moving more and keeps the grass from being eaten too far down. Which, in turn, means that they can actually go out on grass for a few hours every day through spring, summer, and fall, instead of the pastures you see where there’s barely any grass at all. This does have its downfalls- first, hay has to be fed all year, but since I feed hay free choice anyway, this isn’t new, but also, the outside track has the potential to get very muddy. I’m already getting quotes on different substances- I don’t want to put in sand because horses sand colic very easily, but I only want pea gravel in a few spots, not along the entire track. I’m still researching this.

More examples:



8.) It should make Boyfriend happy, since I’m obviously not going to find everything I want at the very first house I ever buy and he really likes the place.

9.) If we stop looking, decide on this one, and get the ball rolling on our loan, we should be able to get my horses in before winter.

10.) We can move.

So now, rather than driving The Boyfriend crazy showing him a million properties on the computer every night (and not going to bed until looooong after he’s already asleep because I’m searching for more), I’m driving him crazy showing him mortgage proposals and gravel quotes and the cost of renting a backhoe. And I’m still not going to bed until looooong after he’s asleep because I’m researching FHA loans and down payment assistance and how much it would cost to put drainage in through the pasture. Either way, the poor guy is in over his head.


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